Defined by its rice-grain shaped fat marbles, this salame has an especially fine grain and a sweet, simple taste. Typical of Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, this salame is widely known and praised for its appetizing, pleasant flavor, with nutty notes and a fresh aroma.

Fine grain
Simple taste, sweet and delicate
A traditional salame from Lombardia


Levoni has never compromised origins. We maintain we are as Italy made us: proudly delicious.



A supply chain made of prime materials. Pork cherished and celebrated for ages creates our legacy.



All of our farming, breeding, producing, curing, and seasoning happens in one place before the US.


History and
interesting facts

Deli meat originating from Codogno and San Colombano al Lambro, in the province of Milan. It used to be produced with pork and beef. Today the recipe uses only pork and it is a salami known all over the world. Its fresh aroma, with hints of nuts and the finely chopped rice grain mixture define its character. The taste is round with a pronounced and lingering delicacy.


The salami Milano is impressive, large, covered with white moulds, the colour of the slice is ruby ​​red, and its aroma is ripe and balanced in spices. On the palate it is mouth-watering and pleasant, tasty with sweetness, capable of releasing autumn notes of walnuts.

Milan salami should be cut thinly in a slicer, only the salami Milano 250g can be cut with a knife and the slices can have a thickness ranging from 3 to 4 mm.

Pairing and Wines

The perfect marriage for Salame Milano can only be with the michetta bread, but a fresh and unusual alternative is matched with a salad of red chicory cut into strips with diced apple and raisins, all seasoned with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Also excellent with a milk roll, a light mustard base and a slice of tomato.

Salami Milano can be accompanied with a good Valtellina Superiore GCDO, or with a Valcalepio Rosso boasting an ethereal aroma and a persistent flavour with light hints of black cherry.