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All our deli meats

All of the 300 types of 100%-Italian certified deli meats bearing the Levoni brand are born from premium quality meats coming from pigs born, bred and processed in Italy. For our recipes we use spices, fine herbs and natural flavourings coming from al lover the world, which are ground and processed at the right time in order to lose neither aromas nor taste properties. And also pistachios from Bronte, sea salt of Sicily, Marsala superiore DOP, cinnamon, peppercorn, fresh garlic, a vortex of aromas and flavours which become the precious secrets of delicious deli meats. Smoking is performed using exclusive mixtures of fine woods, which provide a unique flavour. But there is more: in order for the good to be a true joy for everyone, our deli meats are gluten free and do not contain lactose.